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This is where you can let us know if your coming.  We pushed the RSVP deadline back to Aug. 5th.  If you have a problem RSVPing on the site just let us know your coming via the contact form. We will handle it for you. Thanks!!


The deadline to RSVP for this wedding has passed, please contact the bride and groom to see if there is still a seat for you.

The Big Event

Saturday August 10, 2013

6:30pm. to 10:30pm

Semi-Casual plz. Button Up Shirts, no Suits unless you want to, Flip Flops ok. We are easy. Dress comfortable.

Spanish Village in Balboa Park
1770 Village Place
San Diego, CA. 92101

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Places to Stay

The actual Wedding is at Balboa Park.  If you wish to stay somewhere near the wedding consult the Oracle ( for “Hotels near Balboa Park“.  However, 90% of our out of town guests will be staying in Ocean Beach.

Places in Ocean Beach we Recommend:

The best “staycation” to be had is to get a vacation rental in Ocean Beach.  Please peruse these sites and if you find something you like, shoot me an email, I WILL INVESTIGATE FOR YOU!  To make sure its a good deal and a nice place…


Keep it simple and get a nice room at a hotel?  Here are John and Jen’s top recommendations:

  • Ocean Villa Inn – Their normal rate is $189 per night.  If you mention our wedding you can get a rate of $159 per night.  If you have AAA or AARP you can get an additional 10% off.
  • The Inn at Sunset Cliffs – This is how to get a 10% discount on room rates.  Straight from the mouth of the manager:  “We offer 10% discounts to all Friends and family visiting any of our locals here in Ocean Beach. There’s a few keys things that have to happen to receive the discount. First, all guests MUST call our office. Do not make the reservations online. We will not honor the discount if done that way. Second, all guest must mention they are visiting a local and want our 10% discount. Key word there is local. If they call in saying I want, I want, I want without saying the words “visiting a local”. My staff will not budge. We are more than happy to honor this discount for your guests as long as these steps are followed. We appreciate your business and look forward to meeting your guests. Thank you. 

Other Neighborhoods that are within 5 minutes of Ocean Beach include:

  • Point Loma
  • Shelter Island
  • Loma Portal
  • Mission Valley
  • Midway/Sports Arena Area
  • Mission Beach
  • Pacific Beach
  • Mission Hills
  • Bankers Hill

Other Neighborhoods that are within 10 minutes of Ocean Beach include:

  • HillCrest
  • Downtown San Diego
  • East Village
  • La Jolla



The Honey-Fund




We have not made definite Honeymoon plans just yet, but its a toss up between Italy and Hawaii!  Click here to add money to our Honeymoon fund:



We already have all the material things we need in life.  So please feel free to just donate to our Honeyfund.  However, if you really want to buy a gift to celebrate our special day we put this together on Amazon.

This image/link should take you to our Amazon wedding registry:

Click here: